Arcades Studio

ARCADES is an office with a desk for one and a table for four providing creative and tech­ni­cal services in de­sign, type and web development.

14 Images
A blue book laying on a step. In white serif text, the title Group, an anthology, the author, Jacob Potash, and the press, Nachleben.
A photo of a laptop on which the fall landing page for Six Pretty Good is open.
A flier viewed on a mid 2000s flip phone. On the flier the word Paint appears in sketchy lettering on top of long running text (partially obscured). More readable is the info set below: Learn to design and typeset books right in the browsers with HTML, CSS and JS.
A photo of Caroline Polachek in a vintage glossy blue car surrounded by foliage. On top of the image the 91 Rules logo, a high contrast italic serif above the text 91 RULES IS THE CREATIVE PARTNERSHIP BETWEEN ERIK SALTZMAN AND CAMERON TIDBALL-SCIULLO. FILM DIRECTION, PHOTOGRAPHY AND CREATIVE DIRECTION. Below that a caption, Caroline Polachek creative directed and photographed by 91 Rules for Metal Magazine.
Three shapes in white on black are arranged in a row on a black field. The first has a jagged form overlayed on rectangle, captioned Volume 1. The second appears as a rectangle that has been ripped down the right side, captioned Partners. The third is a solid rectangle with a half circle overlayed, captioned Into the Broken World.
Nachleben, the capital set upright, the other letters italic, on top of a blurry, noisy image of a man in blue shorts and a white tanktop standing on a hill. The sky is a pale blue.
'A photo of a laptop on which Caira Conner's portfolio is open. A table of articles with two open, behind, large orange text of an article title reads Taylor Fritz is the Great (and Slightly Reluctant) Hope for American Men's Tennis
A photo of a laptop on which Diagram of a Silent garden is open.