Arcades was the design office of Jake Brussel Faria. He now runs HSO with Jake Truax, providing creative and tech­ni­cal services in de­sign, typography, web and print. We'll see you over there.



Annika Kafcaloudis's BOOK 01, published by Oigall Projects, represents the first printed gathering of the photographer's work. The monograph includes a large selection of Annika's photography both commercial and otherwise presented without context. The book's designer, Jake Truax, asked Arcades to provide bespoke type for the publication. View book

Caira Conner

Caira Conner is a writer based in New York. Her work has ap­peared in The Atlantic, GQ, New York Magazine, The New York Times and elsewhere. Visit site

A photo of a laptop on which Caira Conner's portfolio is open. A table of articles with two open, behind, large orange text of an article title reads Taylor Fritz is the Great (and Slightly Reluctant) Hope for American Men's Tennis

Bix Archer

Bix Archer is a New Haven based painter. Her body of work frequently focused on attention, memory and the traces of relationships, past and present, found in the objects around her. Visit site

Group: An Anthology

Edited by Jacob Potash, Group is a collection of images, interviews, poetry and fiction originally published in irregular weekly volumes by Nachleben throughout the fall and winter of 2020. Across weeks and formats, the anthology sketches the shape of a group, of a time, of shared ideas, of difference, of friends. Designed with Matt Vlach.

A blue book laying on a step. In white serif text, the title Group, an anthology, the author, Jacob Potash, and the press, Nachleben.
The table of contents from Group
An interior spread from Group, on the left the title reads Week Eight 12.17.20, What is Time: an Experiment

91 Rules

91 Rules is the photography and direction partnership of Erik Saltzman and Cameron Tidball-Sciullo. Arcades provided the duo with branding built around a collection of custom wordmarks.

A close up of the 91 Rules workmark embroidered on a ribbed cotton.

Diagram of A Silent Garden

An online arts anthology, Diagram of A Silent Garden brought together a range of artists, designers and writers during the strange, disorienting depths of the Covid-19 pandemic to share work and discuss practice in that moment of crisis. Visit site